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Trailer License Plate Holder Brackets - Avoid the hassle of the lost plate!

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Sample Plastic License Plate Holder Fracture Failure
Plastic License Plate Holder Fracture Sample @ 6 months

SurePlate (TM) Premium License Plate Holder Brackets.

Don't lose your trailer/RV/truck license plate! Losing your license plate is a hassle!

Rules and regulations vary among the 50 states. In New York, losing a license plate means a trip to the local police department to obtain a lost license plate report and a subsequent visit to the DMV to get a new plate along with replacement Fees. This will cost you time and money to buy a new license plate holder, travel time to the appropriate agencies, time waiting to obtain a police report, time waiting on the DMV line, cost for a replacement license plate and ultimately remounting your new plate. This is a hassle not worth penny pinching on cheap license plate holders.

Most buyers of new trailers not aware of the issue concerning lost license plates. Trailers purchased and supplied with the cheap plastic license plate holders will come to be aware of the issue after it’s too late. Like most industries, price competition is fierce. Trailer manufacturers have a difficult time to justify the additional cost to properly solve the lost license plates problem. The typical standard issue plastic license plate holder bracket is susceptible to UV sunlight degradation and fatigue failure.

Boat and PWC trailers with the plastic holders are highly subjected to cyclic loading stresses caused by water rushing and bypassing the license plate surface area during boat launching and retrieval. Combined loading and UV sunlight degradation have conspired to cause multiple points of failure across a variety of plastic designs and manufacturers. Snowmobile and utility trailers operated in cold temperatures are subject to pre-mature fatigue cracking and failure as plastic performance degrades quickly in colder temperatures.

There are many aftermarket trailer license plate holders out on the market for plastic replacements and metal alternatives. A logical solution would seem to be a metal design; however, we tried those solutions and found the steel solutions to be ineffective as corrosion in brackish and ocean water environments cause rapid degradation of finishes, rivets, and structure that cause eventual failure. More recent metal solutions include license plate holder brackets made from stainless steel and aluminum. The improved metal material solutions are better than the plastic solutions, but stiffness and rigidity come with a different problem: collision with minor obstacles. While most do a good job in maneuvering our trailers, we inevitably strike some minor object causing damage to our rigidly mounted license plate. Minor obstacles may include step ramps, step driveways, debris, bushes, snowbanks, etc. Such encounters can be mitigated with flexible holders.

The ultimate solution to the trailer license plate holder problem is a flexible rubber bracket. Not all rubbers are created equal. Finding the proper mix of two competing constraints such as adequate stiffness to present the license plate and proper flexibility to avoid damage during minor obstructions and obstacles is the challenge. The solution is multi-layered fabric reinforced neoprene rubber.

SurePlate (TM) products are the premium license plate holder brackets to prevent loss of your Boat, PWC, Snowmobile, ATV, and Utility trailer license (tag and registration) plates. SurePlate (TM) products also work well with truck and RV applications. SurePlate (TM) products have solutions for lamp mounted and plate platform mounted configurations.

Lamp mounted products were designed to mount to the standard left side DOT brake/tail lamp assembly with integrated light. Plate platform mounted products were designed to provide a flexible interface between your mounting platform and license plate. SurePlate (TM) products keep your license plate securely fastened!

SurePlate (TM) products are flexible, durable, corrosion proof, tear proof, fatigue proof, excellent in cold temperatures, good UV resistance, and ensure long lasting security for your license plate. This product is made from premium tough, high tensile, multiply fabric reinforced 0.19-inch-thick neoprene rubber.

SurePlate (TM) products are sufficiently rigid to properly present the license plate while moving and flexible enough to prevent damage during accidental encounters with minor obstructions. Flexibility provides an advantage over rigid metal solutions such as steel, aluminum, and stainless steel to prevent bent license plates.

SurePlate (TM) products were designed to provide longevity. You get what you pay for. What is the value of cheap when the competitors are importing cheap metal products that corrode and plastic products that fatigue fail? We tried them all, the steel ones fail by corrosion in brackish and ocean environments, the plastic ones develop fatigue cracks, and the supposed non-corroding alternate metal solutions (aluminum and stainless) will lead to bent plates caused by backing into unforeseen minor obstructions* (ramps, bushes, snowbanks, etc.). Now plastics may seem like an attractive low-cost solution, but they don’t do well in sunshine (they degrade under UV light) and they don’t do too well in cold temperatures!

SurePlate (TM) products are well worth the cost to prevent time and money spent on obtaining a lost plate police report and a subsequent trip to DMV. Isn't preventative action and the cost of SurePlate (TM) products worth 2 hours of your time plus DMV fees for a lost plate?

Support US manufacturing. Made in USA. US Patent No. 9,586,538.

*No expressed or implied warranty is made for damage prevention or survivability of SurePlate(TM) license plate products during collision with obstacles or obstructions.

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