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  • Trailer/RV/Truck license plate bracket links to mount and hold license plate
  • Prevents damage and loss of Trailer/RV/Truck license plate, easy to install
  • Includes 2 links, each with 2-holes, made from black multiply fabric reinforced neoprene rubber
  • Flexible, durable, corrosion proof, tear proof, fatigue proof, cold temperatures, good UV resistance and long lasting
  • Product mounts to standard 7" plate hole pattern on trailer or RV. Any pattern maybe configured by drilling trailer mounting plate.


SUREPLATE™ products prevent loss of your Trailer/RV/Truck license plate. This product keeps your license plate securely fastened to the standard 7” license plate hole pattern. Other patterns maybe configured by drilling trailer mounting plate. The product simply mounts to your existing trailer mounting bracket/platform or the existing plate mounting location on your vehicle. This product was designed for Boat, PWC, Snowmobile, ATV trailers, RVs and Trucks. May be used for mounting license plate to any vehicle requiring a flexible interface. The product is durable, flexible, and water proof to prevent corrosion and ensure long lasting security for your license plate. This product is made from premium tough, high tensile, multiply fabric reinforced 0.19 inch thick neoprene rubber. The product is sufficiently rigid to properly present the license plate while moving and flexible enough to prevent damage during accidental encounter with minor obstructions. SurePlate (TM) products were designed to provide longevity. Do not over tighten fasteners, damage to rubber may occur. SurePlate (TM) products are worth the cost to prevent time and money spent on obtaining a lost plate police report and a subsequent trip to DMV. Isn't preventative action and the cost of SurePlate (TM) products worth 2-3 hours of your time plus DMV fees?

The SurePlate (TM) PL16001 (PlateLink-Max) is our lowest cost product and utilizes the minimum amount of rubber to provide a secure mount to your trailer. The package includes: (2X) 2-hole multiply fabric reinforced neoprene rubber license plate holder (2.63 x 1.75 x 0.19 inches).


Designed for trailer bracket mounted applications. Made in USA.


SKU: PL16001
  • SurePlate TM PL16001 Flexible Durable Trailer/RV License Plate Holder Bracket Links, PlateLink-Max

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